Federal program


All people who intend to apply through the federal SKILLED WORKER program must create a profile on the website of the Canadian Immigration Department and in the EXPRESS ENTRY system. Applicants who have obtained at least 67 points out of the initial 100 points in the pool or virtual pool. This program is placed. This pool includes three subgroups, which we examine in this article about the Federal Skilled Worker program. Who are included in this subgroup? This subgroup is for people who have education, language skills, and professional work experience of at least one year in Knock. 0, A, B are in their country of residence and want to immigrate to Canada. People who do not have Canadian work experience (either through PGWP or work visa) and have not obtained a certificate of qualification.


Initial scoring (qualification stage)

The tables at the bottom of this page are only for the purpose of obtaining information about the scoring system in an approximate and general way. Due to the changes that may occur in the points, it is better to fill out the application form to immigrate to Canada or send your documents via email.

General table of points of the first stage

educationEducation maximum 25 points
Level of ability in English or FrenchEducation maximum 28 points
Work experienceEducation maximum 15 points
AgeEducation maximum 12 points
Job offer in CanadaEducation maximum 10 points
adaptabilityEducation maximum 10 points
TotalTotal 100 points
passing scoreThe passing score is 67 points
Grading of education
One-year postgraduate degree15
2-year postgraduate degree19
University degree of 3 years or more21
University degree of 3 years or more22
Master degree23
PhD degree25
Scoring of the level of the first foreign language (English or French)
First language levelIELTS scoreامتیاز کل
CLB 7444416
CLB 8555520
CLB 9666624

As mentioned above, if you can get NCLC7 in all 4 “French” language skills, you will get 15 extra points if you have CLB4 or below and 30 extra points if you have CLB5 or above.

Work Experience
Work ExperienceScore
Having 1 year of experience in the last 10 years9
Having 2 years of experience in the last 10 years11
Having 4 years of experience in the last 10 years13
Having 6 or more years of experience in the last 10 years15
age score
 UP 470
Adaptability score
Spouse language level with minimum CLB 45
Education history in Canada5
Spouse’s education history in Canada5
Work experience in Canada10
Spouse’s work history in Canada10
Having family in Canada5
Using the link below, you can calculate the points of the second stage (the main stage of 1200 points).


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