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Tia is more than just a consulting firm that helps you complete the right paperwork. This is just the beginning of what Ms. Rezaei and her expert team do well.
Our focus is on you. Doing everything that can help you immigrate and settle quickly in your new country, make positive progress in your new life and realize all the golden opportunities ahead of you.
This is what Tia does. What differentiates Tia from other companies is its access to various experts in the field of education and immigration in different countries such as Canada, USA, Australia and Europe, which allows clients to check more chances in their immigration programs. do
– A free preliminary assessment that gives you a simple and honest picture of your current situation.
– Expertise in every aspect of the immigration process, ensuring correct and timely submission of documents
– Trusted relationships with top immigration attorneys to uphold immigration law and ensure your immigration application has the highest chance of approval
-Key partnerships with real estate agents and other professionals, thus providing you with resources to help ease the process of settling into your new home.
Last point: Accountability, fairness, honesty, respect are all the values that Ms. Rezaei and her expert team support and what you can expect from them. This is their commitment to you from the initial appraisal right to the final settlement.

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What do people say about us?

My visa (study permit) request was just accepted. I really appreciate the staff's efforts, they will do their best to get the jobs done, specially visa consultants staff. Although due to the high amount of clients, the replies from educational consultants may take some time. In general overall performance is very well. Thank You Tia Immigration!
Mohamad Reza
My visa has been approved few days ago and i’m sure it wouldn’t be done without the support and help of Tia Immigration group , specially Ms.Rezaei who has been always there for me in this stressfull path. We got our PR through AIP.
I had an amazing experience with the Tia Immigration team. Specifically, I want to thank Ms. Rezaei, my great supervisor for the visa and university application process. Her precision and proficiency led to my student visa being accepted in less than 1 month.
My husband and I sincerely appreciate the efficient and gracious customer service and the level of responsibility you have demonstrated. And we especially thank Ms. Rezaei, for the effort she made to get us a work visa and an open work permit. I would definitely recommend this institute to ones seeking guidance on the challenging process of immigration to Canada.
It is necessary for me to appreciate Ms Rezaei's spirit of commitment and responsibility (Tia Immigration staff who was in charge of my case) and hope all Iranians hug their dreams! I got my Start Up visa less than 11 months. Many Thanks..

متقاضی محترم، فرم شما با موفقیت ارسال شد. همکاران ما اطلاعات شما را ارزیابی، و در سریع ترین زمان ممکن با شما تماس خواهند گرفت.